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PRIMARY CRE has vast knowledge and experience pertaining to all office uses from single-tenant properties, small professional office buildings, medical office buildings, downtown skyscrapers and everything in between.  Office spaces are categorized by Class A, B or C.

Class A office product is typically steel construction, five or more stories in height.  These buildings offer upgraded common areas such as lobby’s, restrooms, elevators and hallways.  Examples of class A product would be high-rise and skyscrapers usually in a large commercial business campuses.

Class B office product is typically stick and stucco construction, four stories or less and are smaller in scale.  This product could be a multi-tenant building or single user (professional medical) located in a garden style or professional style business parks.

Class C office product is all types of construction.  This product has a common (higher age) factor as well as not being as aesthetically pleasing as compared to class A or B.  Companies who are looking for more competitive office pricing, (rent or sale) would be inclined to move forward with this class of product.

A number of our clients consist of:

Expeditors International, Inc.

Granite Construction, Inc.

US Federal Government

MGM Resorts/Mirage Inc.

ADT, Inc.

Women’s Health Associates of Southern Nevada - Dr. Joseph Rojas, MD

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